Have you bought a new ipad ? or looking for the right size wallpapers for your ipad.Use this guide to find the cool wallpapers for your new iPad.We have collection of best wallpapers on our website.Feel free to browse entire wallpapers.

iPad Wallpaper Resolutions (Size & Dimensions)

1024×768 Resolution IPads
The Original IPad
The IPad 2
The Original IPad Mini

2048×1536 Resolution IPads
The IPad 3
The IPad 4
The IPad Air
The IPad Air 2
The 2017 IPad (5th Generation)
The IPad Mini 2
The IPad Mini 3
The IPad Mini 4
The 9.7-Inch IPad Pro

2224×1668 Resolution IPads
The 10.5-Inch IPad Pro

2388×1668 Resolution IPads
IPad Pro 11 Inch 2388-By-1668-Pixel Resolution At 264 Pixels Per Inch (Ppi)

2732×2048 Resolution IPads
The 12.9-Inch IPad Pro 2732-By-2048-Pixel Resolution At 264 Pixels Per Inch (Ppi)
The 12.9-Inch IPad Pro (2017)

2732×2732 Resolution IPads

The 12.9-Inch IPad Pro